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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 82 Highlights

On day 82 of Bigg Boss Kannada 2, the participants were busy preparing the food using the luxury budget item provided by Bigg Boss. Guruprasad refused to consume any food made using those item....
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 81 Highlights

The participants of the Bigg Boss Kannada 2 were surprised by the luxury budget items they received. The participants had opted item more than the alloted budget. However, Guruprasad was not happy...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 79 Highlights

A new luxury budget task was given this week for the contestants. The game of 'Statue' is luxury budget task this week. All the participants had to become a statue whenever Bigg Boss said the word...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 75 Highlights

The quest for the post of house captain took a very tiring turn for the participants. While Guruprasad gave up very early, the rest kept on with the task. It was one of the most difficult task...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 74 Highlights

Bigg Boss Kannada 2 has seen a few guests enter the house. Last week we saw a numerologist and this week a Ventriloquist was the guest of the house. These guests change the environment and lighten...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 71 Highlights

After a very subdued Sunday, things were still quite in the Bigg Boss Kannada 1 house. Participants were still shocked over the exit of two people from the house. Guruprasad decided to play a prank...
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