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Halle Berry

Highest Oscar Winners & Record Makers

Winning an Oscar is liking reaching the moon for a celebrity from any corner of the world. It is obvious as Oscar is the biggest Hollywood awards where it is not even easy to reach. However, we...
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Pregnant Halle Berry Wants To Get Back To Work

Actress Halle Berry, who is expecting a baby, says she wants to get back to work as quickly as she can after giving birth to her first child with husband Olivier Martinez. The 46-year-old, also has...
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Halle Berry calls the cops

Halle Berry recently called the cops when she saw an intruder trespassing on her property on Sunday night. The cops sent three cars and an helicopter to her house in Los Angeles but by the time...
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Who has more red-carpet value - Jolie or Gaga?

Washington (ANI): The rise and fall of celebrities is a thing that no one can predict, but a number of experts have ranked some of the stars, who they feel will either make it or break it on the...
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Top 5 single dedicated moms in Hollywood

Hollywood boasts of some of the most sensational beauties that have rocked the world of cinema and have been ruling the roost not only in terms of their hot looks but also for their sheer...
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