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Helena Bonham Carter

Tim Burton not ready to undergo nose operation

London (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that her partner Tim Burton is refusing to undergo a surgery to fix a deviated septum to prevent him from snoring and keeping her up at night. The...
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Red Queen role silenced Helena Bonham Carter

London, (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter’s role as Alice In Wonderland's Red Queen silenced her – literally. The actress spent so much time screaming as the Red Queen, she was hoarse by...
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Bonham Carter receives apology from newspaper

London (ANI): British actress Helena Bonham Carter has received an apology from a newspaper, which had made an “unfounded” comment about the way she set-up home with partner Tim Burton....
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Alice in Wonderland flick gets PG rating

Melbourne (ANI): The new Alice in Wonderland flick may only be available to Aussie youngsters above the age of 15 after it was given a PG rating. Helmer Tim Burton has given the movie a dark twist...
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Garner hates the standards of models

London, (ANI): Jennifer Garner has revealed that she despises posing for magazine shoots because she hates having to live up to the standards of fashion models. The 37-year-old actress had a...
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Helena Bonham Carter sheds corset sex symbol

London (ANI): English actress Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that she is glad her days as a young actress are behind her as she no longer has to play a corset sex symbol.Carter, 43, has made a...
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