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Kajraare - Preview

It was a moment which the heavens had pre-ordained. When Rajiv Behl, a well-to-do drifter with no particular destination, first laid his eyes on the beautiful but melancholic face of Nargis in the...
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Kajraare - Music Review

EXPECTATIONSMusic release of a Himesh Reshammiya album is an event. Gone are the days when he had an album releasing practically every month. All of this changed after he made his debut as an actor...
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Big films line up for release this Diwali

The festive season of Idd and Diwali are eyed by film-makers. While the Idd releases are still uncertain, a few film-makers are certain that their films would make it during the festival of lights....
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Mona darling's Bollywood debut

Monalaizza is yet another gorgeous actress imported hot from Pakistan all the way to make the land of Bollywood little more sizzling with increasing mercury of gaudy screens. ...
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