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Salman Khan keen to host Bigg Boss again!

Salman Khan has enjoyed hosting the present season of the show Bigg Boss 4. It is proved when we come to know that Salman Khan is looking forward to host the fifth season of Bigg Boss. He has shown...
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Who will win Bigg Boss 4?

After three months of continuous hustle and bustle in the 'Bigg Boss 4' house, now it is time to bid goodbye to the show. This weekend 'Bigg Boss 4' 4 will finally declare its winner of the season...
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Bigg Boss 4 winner: the locked big red box

The 'Bigg Boss 4' finale week is simply getting to be more and more intriguing as each day passes by. The tensed four inmates have practically gone into a trance with Dolly Bindra having more...
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Bigg Boss 4 house garnished with emotions

With Dolly Bindra still in the house, one thing 'Bigg Boss 4' does not have to worry about is the masala. Day 87 in the house witnessed the weekly task entitled 'Bigg Boss Ki Kahani, Hamari Zubani'...
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Bigg Boss 4: Khali’s got tough time head!

The calm complacent and ever smiling wrestling champion Khali made a tough choice when he entered Bigg Boss. He knew that food here will be limited, and work a little too wayward given his style of...
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Khalli stripped off captaincy on Bigg Boss 4

The Bigg Boss 4 house has suddenly turned into a house where everything’s going anti clock wise. People who couldn’t just stand each other like Ashmit Patel and Shweta Tiwari are made...
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