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Kirkit movie revolves around two groups of 5 boys each from Mumbai and Hyderabad who are on a special 'Holiday' to Goa and their tryst with destiny. In Goa, the two groups run into each other which eventually leads to a small fight.

The two groups decide to resolve the matter over a tennis-ball cricket match. What is outrageously funny is the fact that the two teams call themselves Mumbai Vadapavs and Hyderabadi Biryanis.

Kirkit Review

Five spoilt rich brats come to Goa on a holiday from Mumbai. Their sole aim is to enjoy girls and alcohol which they assume one gets in abundance in Goa. They end up having clashes with another...
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Krikit Music Review

Sports based films are hardly made in India. Worse, they have not really been known for their music. In such a scenario comes the music of a film called Kirkit which by itself is an unknown film...
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Sayali Bhagat back in demand

Sayali Bhagat’s work was appreciated in her debut film The Train. Though since that film’s release there has been quiet a long gap for her next release, Sayali went on to South films...
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