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Kitty Kelley

Oprah Winfrey’s secret code name – Mary

New York (ANI): TV host Oprah Winfrey’s employees call her ‘Mary’, it has emerged. The staff, on the set in Chicago, sticks to calling her 'Ms. Winfrey', but outside, she's known...
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John Tesh confirms dating Oprah Winfrey once

New York (ANI): After investigative journalist Kitty Kelley claimed in her new book that pianist/composer John Tesh bolted on Oprah Winfrey in the middle of the night, he has confirmed that he had...
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Oprah Winfrey's secrets to be revealed

Washington, (ANI): Speculation is rife that Oprah Winfrey is terrified as her innermost secrets are about to be revealed by infamous biographer Kitty Kelley. The unauthorised autobiography will...
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