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Mayur Puri

Mayur Puri's tiff with Rishi Kapoor

While the creative differences between former Tell Me O Khuda director Mayur Puri and producer Hema Malini are known, few are aware that Puri had a falling out with Rishi Kapoor as well.Reveals a...
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Hema Malini turns a director

The Bollywood ‘dream girl’ would soon be donning the cap of a director in the forthcoming Tell Me O Khuda. The movie starring her daughter, Esha commenced on a controversial note.It is...
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Esha bites dust in Tell Me Oh Khuda!

Esha Deol, in her own words, is bruised black and blue. This month after participating in a camel race in Jaisalmer and doing road stunts in Goa for her mother's production Tell Me Oh Khuda, Esha...
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Hema Malini finds her daughter's hero

Hema Malini is leaving no stone unturned to re-launch her daughter Esha Deol through her production Tell Me Oh Khuda. Recently, we came to know that she has roped in four veteran cinematographers...
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Hema Malini-Esha: Mamma Mia

Hema Malini’s film, Tell Me Oh Khuda, the one she had planned for her daughter Esha, is finally in its pre-production stage. Starring Arjan Bajwa opposite Esha Deol, the film is about a girl...
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Mayur Puri - 'all-rounder' writer

Courtesy: IndiaFMWednesday, September 27, 2006 Mayur Puri has been working as an 'all-rounder' writer in the industry for the past few years. He has worked as story, screenplay and dialogue writer...
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