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Narasimha Naidu

Narasimha Naidu is action based movie in which, Anjali (Preethi Jingyani) is the niece of Jaya Prakash, who happens to be one of the goons from the goons' village who later settled in another village. Narasimha Naidu sets up a naatya ashram to teach classical dance to the students. Anjali falls in love with Narasimha Naidu at the first sight. Anjali joins Narasimha Naidu as the student and tries to make Narasimha Naidu fall in love with her.

Nandamuri Balakrishna celebrates 50th birthday

South Indian film actors are always worshipped like gods by their fans. And, when it comes to celebrating the star’s birthday, the fans (or should it be devotees?) shower good wishes as well...
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