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Neethu (Neettoo) (born September 2) is an Indian film actress, who predominantly appears in Kannada-language films. She acted in the films Gaalipata and Krishna, Nee Late Aagi Baro.

Her upcoming movies are 'Krishna, Nee Late Aagi Baro' and Manasaare. She has done a very glamorous role in the movie 'Krishna, Nee Late Aagi Baro' which is directed by Mohan Shankar (actor) and starring himself, Ramesh Aravind a...

Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 51 Highlights

Bigg Boss Kannada 2 doled out what is perhaps the most funniest luxury budget task till now. The task has been titled as Bigg Boss Hospital. The participants of the house would behave as patients...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 45 Highlight

The luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss Kannada 2 continued on day 45. Yesterday Akul had manged to set free 2 of the 4 wild animals that were trapped in the cages. Before going to sleep, Aadhi...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 44 Highlights

A new luxury budget task has been announced for the week in Bigg Boss Kannada 2. To create awareness about wildlife, the task titled as 'Kaadu Praanigala Pyaate Lifeu' was assigned to the...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 36 Highlights

Day 36 in Bigg Boss Kannada 2 was marked by Guruprasad's antics. While leaving the house, Neetu was asked to elect the best story teller and she opined that Guruprasad was the best story teller in...
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Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 22 Highlights

Every Monday brings in a sense of fear among the participants in Bigg Boss Kannada 2 as it is the day of nomination. All the participants nominate two persons for elimination that takes place on...
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