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Nenjirukkum Varai

Nenjirukkum Varai movie revolves around Ganesh (Narain) who is the slum boy who drives an auto to support his family. Bhuvana (Deepa) who is the neglected daughter of a rich man and is in search of true love. Bhuvana is drawn to Ganesh's honesty and good heart. She confesses her love to him but he turns her away saying that a rich girl like her would never be able to live a life of poverty with him.

Bhuvana tells him that she will show...

Nenjirukkum Varai Review

Courtesy: GalattaWednesday, December 20, 2006Nenjirukkum Varai is as stale as yesterday's bread. Not surprisingly this corny romantic bore has been borrowed heavily from Serendipity till interval...
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