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Norah Jones

Norah Jones compromise with neighbours

New York (ANI): American singer Norah Jones has decided to compromise with her neighbours and to amend her controversial city-approved plan to add 10 windows to a side wall of her house. Jones, 30,...
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Norah finds her 'New Love'

Washington (ANI): Singer Norah Jones reportedly has a new man in her life – a well known author. However, she’s adamant on keeping his new beau’s identity secret. The ‘Come...
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Norah likes the taste of Jude Laws lips

Washington (ANI): Norah Jones seems to be highly impressed with Jude Law's kissing skills, for the singer just can't stop praising the actor for his lengthy smooch scene with her in 'My Blueberry...
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Norah won't ditch making music

London (ANI): She might have earned critical accolades for her debut performance as an actress in My Blueberry Nights, but singer Norah Jones insists that she has no intentions of stepping away...
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Norah Jones forced to be natural

Washington (ANI): Singer Norah Jones was barred from taking acting classes for her debut movie. The 28-year-old singer, wanted to take lessons ahead of her debut in My Blueberry Nights but director...
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