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Omkar Das Manikpuri

Indian Prime Minister watches Peepli Live

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh watched Aamir Khan's Peepli Live yesterday evening at his residence, 7 Race Course Road, Delhi. A special screening was organised for the Prime Minister by...
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Subhash K. Jha's take on Peepli Live

There is a lingering moment towards the end of this unvarnished look at life way beyond the poverty line, when the village strewn with vehicles, equipments and over-curious media persons are...
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Salman tells journos to watch Peepli Live

It was star galore at the special screening of Aamir Khan's home production Peepli Live with many celebrities and important personalities turning up but it was Salman Khan who stole the attention...
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Aamir wanted to play Natha in Peepli Live

Many may wonder why Aamir Khan didn't act in his production film Peepli Live, as he identifies quite well with the aam aadmi, having acted in films like Lagaan. But the actor lost out the role of...
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Peepli Live hit by plagiarism controversy

Aamir Khan might not dream in his wildest dreams that his film Peepli Live, which is about the pledge of the toiling farmers, would get into controversy. But anything can happen in this...
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