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Onake Obavva

Onake Obavva movie story revolves around a revenge saga. Ayesha falls in love with Deepak, but he always stays away from her.

At  last Ayesha gets her parents permission to marry Deepak. Meanwhile, Gangster Devaraj wants to take off Ayesha’s father’s property hence uses all the possible violent methods to get hold of it. But Deepak interferes and beat them to trashy condition.

But he will be killed by Dharma, who stabs him from the back. Later Deepak’s spirits enters into Ayesha’s body and she reliquishes the villains

Jayanthi role inspires Malavika

Onake Obavva is the thrilling woman for Shuba the close aide of Shivarasan the key suspect in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination. You look at the Cyanide Kannada film the inside...
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