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Orey Pandu

Orey Pandu is a romance based movie in which, Pandu (Sachin) is a man with no mental growth. Even after entering 20's, he would be studying in elementary school in which his mother (Bhanu Priya) works as teacher.

He accidentally bumps into a girl called Priya (Sandali Sinha). Priya is engaged to her family friend Vicky (Rajiv Kanakala). Vicky teases Pandu badly and ridicules him. Then Priya realizes that Pandu is her childhood buddy. ...

Candice Boucher pairs with Sachin Joshi

Sachin Joshi, who has played hero in films like Mounamelanoyi, Ninu Choodaka Nenundalenu and Orey Pandu is back after long gap. The actor is making a fresh appearance on the screen very soon and if...
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