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Pooja Shetty

Ali Zafar wants to move to Mumbai

“Keep politics out of art and culture”, says Pakistani pop singer Ali Zafar, who arrived in Mumbai this month. He would like nothing better than to move to Mumbai and become a singing...
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Tere Bin Laden passes the screening

Looks like Tere Bin Laden has collected a good reviews from the critics and the people in the Bollywood Town. The film which brings Osama Bin Laden to our screens is being appreciated by one and...
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USA's wait for Laden elongates

Tere Bin Laden is piping hit within the industry and amongst the paying public as well. In fact, there's tremendous curiosity to watch the film, given the fact that it has 'Osama Bin Laden' playing...
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No Laden in Tere Bin for Pakistan

Don't they say better safe than sorry? The makers of the upcoming Tere Bin Laden starring the Pakistani Pop star Ali Zafar; have decided to drop the name Laden from the title of the film as a...
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Tere bin Laden release postponed

The release of Walkwater’s film Tere Bin Laden, directed by Abhishek Sharma, has been delayed in US due to an apprehension that it may raise some controversy over there. The name of the film...
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