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Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary's past haunts!

When one learns from first mistake it is acceptable, but what to do with people who keep doing the same mistake and still expect forgiveness. Well, one of those cases is none other than actor Raja...
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Raja Chaudhary released on bail

Actor Raja Chaudhary, who was arrested by the Mumbai Oshiwara police on Monday night, has been released on bail after he was produced before the Bandra holiday court on Tuesday. The police had...
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Raja Chaudhary arrested again

Bhojpuri actor Raja Chaudhary is again arrested by the Mumbai Oshiwara police after his neighbour filed a complaint against him last night. It is reported that Raja had applied for a cell-phone...
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Raja Chaudhary's past haunts him

Raja Chaudhary, who has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, is disappointed with the way people are treating him. In fact, his past is haunting him, as small kids have also...
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