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Ramarajan is a Tamil film actor who is specialised in acting films on village-based subjects. He is also known as Makkal Nayagan.

In his movies, Rama Rajan never acted in scenes that showed him smoking and consuming alcohol. The reason for this he attributed to being an ardent fan of actor Mr.M.G.Ramachandran, who had the same principles. Also, none of his movies were Adult certified and hence suitable for family viewing. The movies he...

Actors Prabhu, Ramarajan sustained injuries

Popular film actors Prabhu and Ramarajan sustained minor injuries, when a branch of a tamarind tree fell on their car. But producer-director Thyagarajan escaped unhurt in the incident.This accident...
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Ramarajan to be in limelight again

He kept a low profile for a while, but it seems like Ramarajan is all set to be in the limelight again, with his new movie, Medhai. In fact, he looks more confident than he has ever done before,...
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