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Road Movie

Sonam defends Abhay's absence

In today's Bollywood, a couple of months prior to the release of a film and the subsequent week are considered to be extremely important and precious for the successful promotion of the film. It is...
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Road, Movie screenplay makes it big

The very name of the film Road, Movie raised many an eyebrow, thanks to the unique title that it enjoys. As you all know by now, that the film starred the suave dude Abhay Deol opposite the very...
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Abhay Deol yet to get over Road, Movie

Road, Movie may have seen a premature end to it's box office run in India. However, its lead actor Abhay Deol is undeterred. Happy with the critical appreciation coming the film's way, he is...
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Hello Zindagi doesn't bowl you over

A rebellious teenage daughter Kavita of a traumatized couple doesn't know what to do with her life. So she takes off on a journey away from home with a lonely neglected but brave middle-aged woman...
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