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Romit Raj

Romit and Tina all set for a pilgrimage trip

The newly married couple Romit Raj and Tina Kakkar are celebrating their 5th month of togetherness. But apparently, the couple missed out on their pilgrimage trip after their marriage. And if...
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Romit Raj shows concern for child beggars

Romit Raj updated his social networking site’s status showing concern about a small kid crying and begging. It seemed that the incident had really touched the guy. Yes! Romit was moved and...
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Thoda Hai Bas Thode .. gets Thodisi TRPs

‘Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai’ proved to be true to it’s the name, after the opening week, as it had to be content with thodisi (little) TRPs. ‘Thoda Hai..’ had...
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Telestar's sweet confession to their moms!

Some one had said it true that God cannot be everywhere and thus he made mother. She is the one who always cares for you but unknowingly we do some stupid deeds to escape mom’s scolding or...
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