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Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a martial arts/buddy cop/comedy film and first installment in Rush Hour film series. Jackie Chan is Inspector Lee, a Hong Kong Detective who helps confiscate millions of dollars worth of stolen Chinese artifacts from Crime Lord Juntao.

Seeking revenge, Juntao kidnaps the eleven year old daughter of the Chinese consul when he moves to America. Chan is sent as a diplomatic advisor and finds himself paired up with a Los Angeles cop (Chris Tucker) - a man who works alone, and wants to stay that way. 

Jackie Chan in a period film

Washington, (ANI): Chinese actor Jackie Chan is set to star in new period road film, tentatively titled Junior Soldiers. ...
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Jet Li, Jackie Chan to co-act

Thursday, November 02, 2006Kung Fu stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li will work together in a new flick Monkey King&Sileny Monk. ...
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The Bollywood copycats

Hundreds of films are being made in Bollywood year after year. Of these, many do not even manage to see the light of the day. Statistics say that the total number of Hindi films produced and...
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Jackie Chan washes his underwear

Washington (ANI): He might have many people at his disposal to do his work, but actor Jackie Chan uses his own expertise, when it comes to washing his underwear. ...
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