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Sayali Bhagat

Sayali Bhagat Enters Wedlock

Sayali Bhagat, ex-Miss-India turned actress got married to Navneet Pratap Singh, a Delhi based entrepreneur on December 10 at a Juhu hotel in Mumbai. Click here to see pictures of Sayali's wedding...
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Ghost: Movie Review

Ghost, written, edited and directed by Puja Jatinder Bedi is one of those films which were made for scares, but eventually turns out to be a comedy of errors. Ghost can easily be one of the worst...
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Sayali Bhagat wants to sport bikini

We often read about actresses refusing to sport bikinis. But here is girl, who seems to be desperate to don a swimwear. Well, it is none other than Blade Babji gal Sayali Bhagat.The actress says...
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Sayali Bhagat learns to kick

They say its always better to know some art form, it helps keep the soul and mind tuned, but Sayali Bhagat has stepped it up a notch with her latest taste in film fight, action and martial art,...
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Sayali Bhagat is cover-girl of G2 magazine

Despite Sayali Bhagat having had a slow start in Bollywood, this girl still continues to name news. After having starred in The Train and a couple of other films, Sayali is back to freshen your...
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