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Scarlett Johansson

Will Scarlett Johansson be burlesque dancer?

Actress-burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese would pick actress Scarlett Johansson to be a burlesque dancer if she was given a chance. The 40-year-old Teese is known as the Queen of Burlesque. "If I had...
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Scarlett Johansson replaces Samantha Morton

Los Angeles: Actress Scarlett Johansson has replaced Samantha Morton in director Spike Jonze's upcoming drama film. Morton had already completed work on her role as the voice of an operating...
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Who will play Hillary Clinton in biopic Rodham?

Rodham is a biopic based on the life of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. The movie is now under the pipeline and the casting of an actress for the title has sparked a fiercest debate in the Hollywood...
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Scarlett Johansson advertising a sex shop!

Scarlett Johansson definitely likes to be seen as one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but probably she will not be too pleased to hear that her image is being used to promote a sex shop called...
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The Avengers new clip released online

A new clip from “The Avengers” has been released on the internet. The 43-second clip has been released one month before the film hits theaters on May 4. The film assembles a dream team...
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