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Shh is a thriller based movie in which, A doctor (Shafi) comes to a village along with his family to serve the villagers as a part of his social service activity. When he visits a temple, the priest over there makes him to see things that are not visible for a naked eye. He also gets premonitions that enable him to see the glimpses of future. A ghost contacts him.

Upendra back to direction once again

A good news for Real star Upendra fans. Now Upendra is coming back to direction through a movie, which will be produced by himself. Uppi's new film is named after hand signal (Hamsa Hastha) and it...
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Upendra teams up with Govinda again

<p><!--#include virtual="/common/kannada-sub-index.shtml"--><strong>{image-upendra-130208.jpg entertainment.oneindia.in}</strong> Superstar Upendra and actor Kumar Govinda...
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Shh... is a suspense film

The film Shh. . . is a suspense film that is based on the investigation conducted by a doctor family after an accident. ...
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