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Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade (Marathi: श्रेयस तळपदे) is an award-winning Bollywood actor based in Mumbai.

Shreyas Talpade (son of Bhupesh Talpade)was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He attended Shree Ram Welfare Society's High School. He is married to Deepti Talpade. Shreyas met his wife Deepti when he went to her college as a celebrity (he was doing the serial Aabhal Maya then). She was the general secretary...

Shreyas Talpade - Giving back to NGO

The recent NGO event, that was inaugurated by Shri Sunil Waman Prabhu, Mayor of Mumbai who was the Chief Guest of the event, was accompanied by actor Shreyas Talpade and Social Welfare Enthusiast...
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