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Sin City

Sin City 2 is officially underway

After seven long years, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller has announced that a sequel to their 2005 hard-boiled noir thriller Sin City is officially underway. Titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,...
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Jessica Alba overfeeds her first child

Sydney, (ANI): Jessica Alba has revealed that her young daughter was ‘chubby’ as a baby after the star unintentionally ‘overfed’ her. The actress gave birth to her first...
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Jessica Alba to star in the Spy Kids 4

Hollywood bombshell Jessica Alba is all set to star in the next Spy Kids adventure. The new film will be called Spy Kids 4: All The Time in the World and it will have Jessica Alba setting the...
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Jessica Alba attracted to her role in Machete

London, (ANI): Mexican-American actress Jessica Alba has revealed that she got immediately attracted to her latest film because she could draw on her own heritage.The 29-year-old star reunited with...
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Jessica Alba lashes out at Bill O'Reilly

Washington, (ANI): Jessica Alba took to her blog to defend herself after right-wing TV news pundit Bill O'Reilly suggested that the actress was “dumb”. The Sin City star used her...
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Angelina Jolie considering Sin City 2

Washington (ANI): American film actress Angelina Jolie is considering being a part of Sin City 2, because she is intrigued with what director Frank Miller can come up with next. ...
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