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  Sivapuramis a fairy tale, the story begins with Ananth (Prithvi Raj) who comes from the US to a remote village in Kerala known as Sivapuram. Apparently, he is here to fulfill the wish of his mother (Revathi Menon) and light the lamps in the Siva temple that is situated in his ancestral home. But then, there is trouble in the form of the evil black magician Digambara (Manoj K Jayan) who does not want that.

  The only person wh...

Sivapuram movie is taking place in a  village called Sivapuram. Sivan arrived at this village in search of a job with his daughter after he lost his wife.  Sivan admitted his daughter in a nursery and  there the  teacher cared her as her own daughter. This relationship build an attachment.

Meantime Sivan could see some peculiarities of his  late wife in  the teacher and wished to marry her. At this time he confronted with a  criminal and the story  turns.

Prithviraj in Telugu

Yet another Malayalam hero Prithviraj is being introduced to Telugu film industry. He is well-known among the Telugu audiences through Sivapuram. ...
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