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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a remake version of  Kannada movie Taj Mahal and it is a romantic love story in which Shivaji playing a role of collage student who came from village to do his degree in hyderbad but after some time he falls in love with shuruthi.

Rest of the story is about whether he gains his love with shuruthi or not ?

Shivanna reduces weight for Mylari

Shivaraj Kumar, who plays a 20-year-old in one part of Mylari, has had to lose five kilograms in order to suit as a young man. Produced by RS Productions and directed by Taj Mahal director R...
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Shivaraj Kumar in three get ups in Mylari

Hat-trick hero Shivaraj Kumar seems to be getting more experimental these days. He is appearing in three different get ups in his upcoming film Mylari. So the actor is preparing for the role. He...
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Taj Mahal - Review

People raised their eyebrows when Sivaji turned producer, they suggested him to rethink, few sections even warned him, But Gutsy Sivaji took a bold decision to remake Kannada Blockbuster Taj Mahal...
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