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Tippu is an Indian playback singer who has performed in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages

A well known playback singer has been one of the best choice for the Music Directors in India. Mainly because of his ability to adapt himself with the needs and moods of the Music Industry. His voice being the new charm has made him famous around the world.

Jackie - Music Review

Expectations:Hit after Hit. When one thinks of music scored by Harikrishna the word 'Hit' naturally comes to mind. After all, his music has topped the chart in 2010. What kind of expectations can...
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V Harikrishna - Topper Musician 2009

'Hey Paaru Hehey Paaru…', which has been shot in South Africa on Puneet Rajkumar and Nisha Kothari, and sung by Andhra Pradesh singer Tippu. Now the song from the film Raj The Showman is the...
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