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The Trigger  movie is about Adityan (Manu Mohit) who lost his parents in his childhood after their murder. As he reached in his teenage his aim was to take revenge on his parents' muderer.

One day he met Bhama (Manasa)a lone girl in the street, who was seeking a safe place to get rid of from the hooligans. Aditya tries to save her from the situation.

Sathyaraj makes his debut in Trigger

The shoot of action-crime-thriller Trigger began at Thiruvananthapurm, in which Tamil film actor Sathyaraj is making his debut in Malayalam. Manasa is the heroine. The film is directed by Prasad...
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Jagathy's son-in-law in Trigger

Shaun George, son of MLA P. C. George and son-in-law of Malayalam actor Jagathy Sreekumar, is making his debut in Malayalam films as the hero of Trigger, directed by Prasad Yadav, whose earlier...
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