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Ugly Aur Pagli

Mallika Sherawat in a pagli role

PNC"s next film directed by Sachin Kamlakar Khot has all the ingredients of an unusual love story. Khot says, “It"s a rom-com but an unusual love story. ...
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Ugly Aur Pagli Preview

Characters Mallika Sherawat as Kuhu aka PAGLI Kuhu a. k. a Pagli is an obnoxious, strong and withy gill who is totally out of control! She has a knack of reeling you into her life, enamoring you...
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Angry Mallika slaps Ranvir left and right

Get ready all you guys, Bollywood's haute babe Mallika Sherawat's to hit 99 slaps and blow a kiss! Well that's what the promos of the forthcoming movie Ugly Aur Pagli suggests. ...
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