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Veeru (Pankaj) poor family  boy interested in studies. His father dies without clearing the debts of the village chieftain Mullayya. Mullayya does not allow the body to lift for cremation till his debts are cleared. He tell Veeru to work as slave in the house till his father's loan is cleared.  Veeru's mother Paru (Umasri)  works day and night  to clear the loan of Mullayya so that her son Veeru is left free for education. Veeru finally achieves his fond issue in life 'Education'.

When elders play Gudu Gudu Gunjam

Canning of only one song remains balance to complete the shooting of the Telugu movie Gudu Gudu Gunjam directed by Veeru and produced by V Ravikumar Reddy under the banner of Sri Chitra, with Dr...
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