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Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty planning to comeback!

Multi-faceted Warren Beatty, who bid goodbye six years ago, is planning to return again. He has recently hinted about his comeback to the Hollywood.Speaking at actor Alec Baldwin's show, the...
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Jackie Collins swapped bed Warren Beatty

New York (ANI): British novelist Jackie Collins has revealed she used to swap beds with director Warren Beatty when she first came to Hollywood to live with her actress sister, Joan. The...
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Warren Beatty missed out on Faye Dunaway

London (ANI): Warren Beatty may have bedded 12,775 women but the acclaimed director missed out on Oscar winning actress Faye Dunaway, it has been revealed. The 72-year-old producer/writer was...
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Henry Warren Beatty denies bedding 12,775 women

London (ANI): Henry Warren Beatty has slammed new book claims that he has bedded 12,775 women. The 72-year-old star has taken legal action against Peter Biskind, author of 'Star: How Warren Beatty...
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Mallika having a blast in LA

Mallika Sherawat is having such a blast meeting Hollywood celebrities in Los Angeles, where she is parked, for during the post-production of her film Hissss, that it doesn't look as if she's...
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