Vidya is a friend: Shahid... Contd.

Priya64: what's ur fav song?? Mine is Aye paapi.. read that vidya had problems matching dance steps with ya.. How was the experience?

Shahid Kapoor : yes i like Aye pappi a lot too....i am lucky to have trained as a dancer for four years....and i think Vidya did quite well eventually although yes she had to rehearse a bit.

Aamir: when r u and Vidya Balan going to have another movie?

Shahid Kapoor: soon as the script comes along which i suitable for both of us....

Shraddha: what's ur height in reality? In KK, u say 5.10 but in almost all the biographies its 5.7.

Shahid Kapoor: my height is actually 5 ' 10 " and i ll make sure that its corrected in all the biographies :)

Fenil Seta: Hi Shahid! This is FENIL. How is it working with Vishal Bharadwaj?

Shahid Kapoor: Fenil....i think Vishal is a fantastic director and what we are doing is something I am very excited about.

nur_kk: Do u surf the net often? Have u been to yr fan sites or post in forums to interact with yr fans?

Shahid Kapoor: yes i do surf the net often...and i am actually been thinking about starting my interact with my fans.

Shockalot: Hey Shahid, we know you? Are u getting ready to start shooting for your new movie with Rani! Any info you can give us on that movie.

Shahid Kapoor: honestly i am not allowed to speak about my film with Rani...probably Yash Raj would be the best to speak about it.

Kashish: hello. What role u r playing in ur father's film?

Shahid Kapoor: hey kashish...too early to speak about that...will let you know as soon as it is the right time.

Its me : do u think that u are more good as an actor then dancer?

Shahid Kapoor : i think i have had the good fortune of training for 4 years as a dancer but right now honestly i am focusing on my acting cos that's the first thing an actor needs to do.

Neha: Will you be having any concerts in India during the month of August?

Shahid Kapoor: nothing on schedule right now.

nitesh_shahani: VIDYA or KAREENA...Who acc to u makes a better pair with u?

Shahid Kapoor: i think Amrita Rao and Kareena Kapoor

Allka: hey shahid!!!! Who is the one female actor that you'd love to work with whom u haven't acted yet??

Shahid Kapoor: allka i would really love to work with few actresses - Deepika, Katrina, and Sonam.

vashini13: ur link ups news, did they effect you?

Shahid Kapoor: all will say is dont believe everything that you read.

nur_kk : why Milenge Milenge is still not out? Are u guys done with the shoots?

Shahid Kapoor: yes the shooting of Milenge got over 3 years back

lucky : Shahid any new upcoming action movies from u?

Shahid Kapoor : yes Vishal Bharadwaj's film will have some action.

Priya64: Any more movies with Ayesha takia. Really enjoyed u both in Fool n Final though i think the movie was dumb... i just watched coz u were in it!!..

Shahid Kapoor: hey Priya...thanks a lot ...ha ha ha...yes i have had great fun working with will see both of us in Paathshala although we both are doing special appearances.

nur_kk : Shahid u are a really good dancer! So by far which song fr yr films do u think has got the most difficult dance steps or something u would consider as a big challenge?

Shahid Kapoor : i think that is still to come nur...i am doing a dance film with Ken ghosh and i will be really pushing the limits with what i can do in that film so i hope you can enjoy.

kashish : it has seen that u have type cast from the past couple of films as a love boy so dont u think you should need to do some different and action movie?

Shahid Kapoor: i agree with you kashish...that is something that i am seriously thinking about and i am sure in my future films there will be other films apart from love stories as well.

NAZIA: Shahid i am ur biggest fan... i know u've heard this million times but really i think ur a very nice person

Shahid Kapoor: thanks Nazia...where are you from.

Amrita Hayek: I think you look the best with Amrita Rao! Please do another film with her.

Shahid Kapoor: ok Amrita...i will do another film with Amrita :)...i promise

Karam_Kapur : Who are your friends within the fraternity?

Shahid Kapoor : very few...Ahmed Khan who is a choreographer who i have known since childhood...Ken Ghosh who rejected me in my first audition ...that's it actually most of my friends are outside the industry.

nur_kk : Shahid r u religious?

Shahid Kapoor: hmmm...well i believe in God very strongly.

nitesh_shahani: Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi...ur favorite dancer?

Shahid Kapoor: Maduri Dixit definitely.

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