Oscars 2018: Jennifer Lawrence Climbs Over Chairs While Juggling A Glass Of Wine In Her Hand!

Oscar 2018 : Jennifer Lawrence steals limelight with her hilarous antics | FilmiBeat

This year, Jennifer Lawrence wasn't nominated for an Oscar Award. But the gorgeous actress still managed to steal away the limelight with her hilarous antics.

With holding her floor-length gown in one hand and a full wine glass in another, she gave us a funny moment that's been the talk all around on Twitter. Find out what she was upto this time-

Picture Perfect

Jennifer Lawrence first took to the red carpet in a metallic Dior gown, styling her blonde tresses in loose curls and sporting a dramatic smokey eye, and giving the paparazzi an ample of 'click-click' moments.

There She Goes

Breaking free from her sombre poses, she soon broke for a big laugh, followed by some dramatic arm moves. Too adorable, naa?

When You Spot A Recognizable Face In A Crowd

Jennifer spotted veteran actress Meryl Streep standing so close, but because of the seats, so far away.

What's She Thinking?

She then looked around for options.

The Decision Is Made!

Jennifer yanked up her designer dress and clambered over the auditorium seats. She managed to make the manoeuvre without spilling a drop of wine or taking a tumble. Isn't that quite a feat for the star, who is known for having had a few clumsy moments at the Oscars in the past?

Surprise, Surprise!

And finally the two woman meet. You just can't miss Meryl's surprised reaction here!

Earlier there had been strong rumours that she staged her fall while taking to the stage at the 85th Oscars to accept her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer had later refuted these speculations in an interview and said, "I would give anything to be able to go back and redo that moment. The fall startled me and made me forget my speech and made me forget to thank important people,"

"It was a big moment, I might not ever get up there again, and I didn't thank [Silver Linings Playbook director] David O. Russell when I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for him. I didn't thank anyone from the movie - I wished a random person happy birthday, then stumbled off."

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