Trataka: Shivaganesh-Rahul Ainapurs Film Is Worth A Watch And Heres Why

In 2016, Shivaganesh gave strong proof of his abilities as a director when his Jigarthanda opened to to a positive response at the box office and received favourable reviews. A remake of Karthik Subbaraj's film of the same name, it stayed loyal to the original version and this helped it click with the fans. Now, Shivaganesh is in the limelight because of his latest release Trataka. A murder mystery, it features Rahul Ainapur in the lead role and is the perfect 'relaunch vehicle' for him. Here is a look at the biggest takeaways from Trataka.

Rahul Ainapur Is A Gem Of An Actor

Rahul Ainapur plays the role of a cop in the film and manages to do complete justice to the character. His impressive intensity levels add a new dimension to the gruesome action scenes and up their recall value in a big way. At the same time, he does a good job of emoting through his eyes and this goes a long way in highlighting the character's trauma. His transition from intense to vulnerable is bound to leave the fans asking for more.

The Second Half Is Riveting

The film half of Trataka is a bit slow and this hampers the viewing experience. The romantic scenes between Rahul Ainapur and Hridaya too act as speed breakers, as Trataka is not a romantic drama. However, the director pretty much makes up for this with the awesome 'you are the killer' sequence right before the interval. The second half is absolutely stunning and leaves the fans spellbound. There are at least two big twists and they are bound to catch the audience by surprise.

The Climax Is Mind-blowing

The director has to be given full credit for executing the climax sequence like a pro. The final fight is raw and intense. Its impact is magnified thanks to Rahul Ainapur's intensity levels and solid physical conditioning. Moreover, the dilemma faced by the protagonist while deciding whether to kill the 'man eater' has been highlighted well and it leaves the fans emotionally drained when all is said and done.

To Conclude...

Rahul Ainapur is a star in the making and Trataka provides him with an ideal platform to show his abilities. Shivaganesh virtually constructs the whole narrative around him. And, he delivers the goods. Also, Rahul Ainapur must be praised for agreeing to essay such a complex character in what is his first film in a lead role. Let's hope that we get to see more of him in the near future.

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