Aa Karaala Ratri Review: This Film Is Not To Be Missed!

Star Cast: Karthik Jayram, Anupama Gowda, Naveen Krishna, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sundar
Director: Dayal Padmanabhan

Aa Karaala Ratri is more a reunion of Bigg Boss Season 5 as many artists associated with the movie are from the same platform. Jayaram Karthik, Anupama Gowda, Ashitha and the director, Dayal Padmanabhan shared an exquisite bond within the house and the same has indeed helped them in churning out a movie. Diwakar too has joined the band which makes it an exciting watch for all the Bigg Boss fans out there.


A play by Mohan Habbu is very well adapted into the movie. Muthanna stays with his wife & a teenage daughter and the family suffers poverty. The said condition is due to Muthanna's addiction to alcohol as he spends his earnings in quenching his addiction. Muthanna's wife, Gowramma is a kind-hearted woman who is a do-gooder while their daughter, Mallika is a vibrant and a dynamic young girl who is fearless.

Despite their shortcomings, the trio leads a peaceful life until they have an unexpected visitor in the form of Channakeshava. Mallika falls for the young lad while the former doesn't quite reciprocate much. Situations come in such a way that the landlord forces Muthanna to repay the financial backlogs in the form of his daughter and Channakeshava comes to the family's aid.

He opens his trunk to save them but in turn, burns the house into ashes. What does he have in the trunk? What happens to the family? Will Mallika be a happy soul at the end of the day?


Top-notch performances

Brilliant writing

Short run-time


Might not cater to all sections of the audience


There is no single character who stands out in an exceptional manner as all actors walk out with equally divided honours. Performances are top-notch and every single artist associated with the flick should be accredited with equal appreciations.

Technical Aspects

Dayal Padmanabhan has come out with a stellar movie through his brilliant writing and directorial skills. There is no major (or minor as well) flaw in the movie and one needs to give it to the talented director for his commendable output.

Music, cinematography and editing all are equally impressive and score big time.

Final Verdict

A very good movie to be watched at the theatres.

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