Bigg Boss Malayalam Week 11: This Contestant Gets Evicted After A Twist!

The culmination of the week 11 of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 had its own share of twists and turns. The audiences were eagerly looking forward for the eviction procedures of this week. The members in the eviction list of week 11 were selected through an interesting contest. As you all know, 4 members out of the total 9 contestants inside the house were nominated to the eviction list in the past wee. 

The members in the eviction list were Shiyas Kareem, Hima Sankar, Archana Suseelan and Aditi Rai. So, who among the 4 contestants got evicted on week 11? Read on to know more about the same here.

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The Eviction Procedure

It was half-way down the previous episode that the eviction procedures of week 11 had commenced. As usual, the 4 contestants were asked to stand up. Initially, Mohanlal revealed that Shiyas Kareem is safe.

From The Three

Hence, the focus shifted to the remaining three contestants - Archana Suseelan, Hima Shankar and Aditi Rai. After a short time, Mohanlal conveyed that Archana Suseelan was also safe.

Aditi Rai Was Asked To Come Out

Aditi Rai, who was elected as the new captain of week 12 and Hima Sankar were the ones remaining in the list. Revealing the big suspense, Mohanlal asked Aditi Rai to come out of the house. Aditi Rai packed her bag and bid goodbye to the house.

Hima Was Called To The Confession Room

After a short while, Hima Sankar, who broke down after hearing the announcement, was asked by the Bigg Boss to come inside the confession room. In the confession room, Hima Sankar was informed that going by the public opinion, she is being evicted from the house.

Aditi Rai Returns...

Later on, Aditi Rai was taken to the confession room and in a surprising decision, it was revealed that Aditi Rai can continue staying in the house. She returned to the house in a short while and the contestants gave her a grand welcome.

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