Bigg Boss Malayalam Week 12: As Many As 6 Members Make It To The Eviction List!

The eleventh week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 had ended with the eviction of one of the contestants in the form of Hima Sankar. The house has been left with as many as 8 contestants and the Bigg Boss show is a few weeks away from its grand finale. The 12th week at the Bigg Boss house has kicked off and Aditi Rai is the new captain of the house. She had bagged the captaincy tag after winning a tough competition involving Shiyas, Aristo Suresh and Hima Sankar.

Meanwhile, the eviction list of the new week has also been announced and it features as many as 6 members. Read on to know more about the same here.

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The New Procedure

The nominations were done amidst the presence of all the members of the house. Bigg Boss asked each member of the house to nominate two members, whom they feel aren't good enough to make it to the grand finale. They were asked to take a knife and pierce it inside the heart symbol kept near the hoardings of each candidate, and the contestants were asked to give a solid reason for the nominations.

The 4 Members

In the nomination procedure, as many as 4 members had fetched the major share of votes. Sabumon and Archana Suseelan fetched 4 votes each. At the same time, Pearle Maaney and Srinish Aravind bagged 3 votes each.

The Captain's Privilege

After the first round of nomination, Bigg Boss gave a privilege to Aditi Rai, the new captain of the house. She was asked to nominate two more members, who weren't nominated in the first place.

The Two Members

Basheer, Shiyas Kareem and Aristo Suresh were the remaining members on the list. Aditi Rai went on to nominate Bahseer Bashi and Aristo Suresh.

6 Members

Out of the total 8 members, 6 of them have made it to the eviction list and they are Sabumon, Archana Suseelan, Pearle Maaney, Srinish Aravind, Basheer Bashi and Aristo Suresh. So, which of these contestants would you want to be eliminated/saved? Take to our comment box to give your answers.

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