Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Sep 6 Preview: Mumtaz Refuses To Colour Her Hair; Will She Be Punished?

The Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is beyond any doubt one of the biggest and most popular shows on TV today. In fact, it has remained the top choice of the fans for nearly two months thanks to its bold content and interesting participants. Just like the first season, the current one too features several wild twists. However, the action is a lot more unpredictable this time around. Now, here is some awesome news for those who have been following the show religiously.

The latest promos for the September 6, 2018 episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 have been released and they are quite explosive. In the first one, we see Mumtaz flat out refusing to colour her hair and making it clear that she was not even remotely interested in honouring the theme of 'sacrifice'. In the previous episodes, we saw Aishwarya and Balaji sacrificing their hair and setting a good example. However, the promo suggests that Mumtaz will be going down a different path.

In the second promo, we see the housemates ganging up on Mumtaz. The general feeling is that the actress behaves like a 'selfish brat' and it seems that tonight she'll be getting a brutal reality check.

Interestingly, the show is now slowly but surely heading towards the finish line and the finale is slated to take place on September 30, 2018. Most of the contestants have already shown their true colours and one can expect the action to get more intense in the days to come.

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