Drashti Dhami & Shakti Aroras Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Is All About Friendship, Love & Sacrifice!

Silsila Badalte Rishton is one of the most awaited shows on Colors TV. The show features popular actors, Drashti Dhami, Shakti Arora and Aditi Dev Sharma, in never seen before avatars.

The promos of the show are intriguing and make the audiences wait for the show. Have a look at the four promos that give us a clue about the show and the characters.

Promo 1: Kunal, Mouli & Nandini’s Complex Relationship

In the first promo, the viewers saw Drashti Dhami (as Nandini) explaining about their complex relationship. In the promo, she says that she wants to get back to her love, but if she does so, her friend's (Mouli played by Aditi Dev Sharma) life will be ruined - which leads to the conclusion that Drashti loves Shakti (Kunal).

Promo 2: Kunal Introduces To Mouli’s Friend Nandini

In the second promo, Kunal was seen telling his side of story. He introduces us to his wife (Mouli), whom he loves a lot. He introduces to the other lady (Nandini), who is Mouli's friend, who eventually she comes closer to Kunal.

Promo 3: Nandini’s Husband Tortures Her!

In the third promo, both Kunal and Nandini's partners are shown. While Kunal is happy with his wife, Drashti suffers as her husband (played by Abhinav Shukla) tortures her a lot! He uses her for his business. Nandini's husband also slaps her as she was seen resisting when his client got closer to her!

Promo 4: How Kunal Meets Nandini?

In the fourth promo shows how Kunal comes across Nandini and tries to help her. Kunal tells Mouli that a lady bumped into his car and shows the bracelet. Mounli looks shocked on seeing the bracelet (maybe she remembers her friend wearing it).

Nandini Tells About Her Childhood Friend

Nandini tells a lady that friends are made only during childhood. She sees the poster of Mouli at a conference and gets happy, but her husband again interferes and warns her to behave properly with his clients.

Nandini Miss Meeting Mouli

Mouli and Kunal reach the place too, but they do not see Nandini. While Kunal is shown meeting Nandini and giving her advise not to hide things, Nandini misses meeting Mouli near a pool!

Promo 5: Nandini Meets Mouli

In the latest promo, Nandini is happy to see her friend Mouli and is eager to meet her. Nandini gets a cake to celebrate with Mouli, unfortunately, she misses to meet her. In the next clip, while saving a kid from falling into the pool, Nandini herself falls off into the water. Seeing Nandini drown, Kunal comes to her rescue. Mouli is shocked seeing Nandini in such a condition, while Nandini is happy to meet Mouli.

Kunal & Mouli’s Love Story

Kunal & Mouli's love story and Nandini & Mouli's friendship are the major highlights of the show. We assume that Kunal and Nandini had either a past connection or they fall in love eventually because of the situations!

Nandini Sacrifices Her Love For Her Best Friend!

Kunal might avoid Nandini because of his love/commitment for his wife, while Nandini might stay away from Kunal because of her friendship with Kunal's wife.

Show Deals With Domestic Violence!

Also, the show deals with a major issue, domestic violence - Nandini suffers as her husband uses her for his business. Kunal gets to know about this and asks her not to hide the issue and fight back.

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