Kasautii: Shweta & Cezanne Hated Each Other; Cezanne Had Said Shweta Was His First & Last Mistake!

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Kasautii Zindagi Kay was one of the iconic shows on television. The show that was launched in 2001 ended in 2008. Shweta Tiwari and Cezanne Khan played the roles of Prerna and Anurag on the show and the fans loved their jodi. Their on-screen chemistry was so amazing that many of them might not believe that the actors hated each other off-screen! Apparently, the duo's fights increased on the sets of the show, which eventually resulted in delays and cancellation of shoots many a times.

Here's a major throwback of the actors' Kasautii days!

Shweta & Cezanne Hated Each Other

At one point rumours were rife that Cezanne was dating Shweta. Cezanne had also admitted that he was dating Shweta, but they were no longer together in one of the interviews (India-forum, 2005).

“Shweta Tiwari Was My First And Last Mistake”

When asked about his relationship with Shweta, Cezanne was quoted by the entertainment portal as saying, "I would say Shweta Tiwari was my first and last mistake. I won't say more. As of now, I have nothing to do with her. She is nobody to me and I would never ever look towards anyone like her. I think I would never get close to anyone in the future who comes close to Shweta in any way."

Were Shweta & Cezanne More Than Friends?

When asked whether they were more than friends, he had said, "Yes, but that's the past and I have moved on. A lot has happened in the last few years, resulting in both of us drifting away. I would rather not go back and dig up issues that are better left buried."

Shweta Had Called Cezanne An Artificial Man!

On the other hand, talking about Cezanne Khan, Shweta Tiwari had said in an interview (2005) to Tellychakkar, "When I started working on Kasautii... I was new to the industry, and friendly with him. With the passage of time, layers of his personality unfolded and he turned out to be an artificial man whom I can't even like. I don't talk to him."

“Cezanne Is The Only One Person On The Kasautii Sets Who Invites Controversies”

She'd said, "Cezanne Khan is the only one person on the Kasautii sets who invites controversies. He had announced that he would get married to Geetanjali to everyone on the sets but he never did. I was never involved with him. I have better things to do in life. He probably enjoyed the publicity by dragging my name everywhere."

Shweta On Rumours Of Affair With Cezanne

Regarding the rumours of their affair, Shweta had said in another interview, "I have a lot of issues with Cezzane Khan. I hate that b******. People write anything about him and me. Me and Cezzane had an affair? What nonsense! Has anyone ever seen us together anywhere?"

Shweta Hates Cezanne!

"I supposedly had affairs with multiple guys! Really? When? Has anyone ever seen me at coffee shops or restaurants? Has anyone ever seen me at parties? I shoot for 40 days a month for KZK. Where in the world do I have the time for an affair? They even say that I recently patched up with him. Why the hell should I patch up with him? I hate him!"

She had even warned him that if he talks sh*t everywhere, she would sue him for defamation. It was then that he maintained distance from her.

The viewers are aware that Ekta is coming up with Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2. In a recent interview, Cezanne and Shweta had said that they are happy about the reboot of their show. Cezanne had also admitted that he is not in touch with Shweta and Urvashi Dholakia.

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