Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Tanu & Alia Plan To Harm Pragya’s Daughter Kiara!

The makers of Kumkum Bhagya are keeping the viewers hooked to the show with Pragya and her daughter Kiara's track! Both King and Abhi are attached to Kiara, and Abhi is not aware that she is his and Pragya's daughter! In the latest episode, we saw that both King and Abhi are seen eagerly waiting for Kiara's performance at school. As Sunny and Kiara perform, Abhi and Pragya get emotional and they recall their good-old days. As the performances end, both King and Abhi want Kiara to win, while surprisingly, Pragya doesn't want Kiara to win the competition.

King and Abhi are seen impressing the principal as they both want the principal to give the winner's trophy to Kiara! Meanwhile, Tanu feels insecure and warns Pragya not to eye Abhi! Read on to know the upcoming track on the show!

Tanu Gets Worried Seeing Kiara!

Kiara is the witness to John's murder by Nikhil. Tanu recalls the same and wonders what to do! She also tells Alia that Kiara is Pragya's daughter. Alia is shocked to know the same and asks Tanu to get Abhi home at the earliest and not to let him stay around Pragya or Kiara.

Alia Gets To Know Kiara Is Pragya’s Daughter!

Tanu and Alia are worried as they feel Kiara would tell Abhi or Pragya about John's murder. Apparently, they also plan to harm the little girl!

Alia & Tanu Plan To Harm Kiara

According to the latest spoiler, before Alia and Tanu can harm Kiara, she tells Abhi that John's death wasn't an accident and that he was killed by Nikhil!

Abhi Gets To Know That Nikhil Killed John!

Abhi then wonders if Tanu is behind this, as he knows how criminal minded she is! Well, Kiara has to pay a big price for revealing about John's death, as Alia and Tanu wouldn't spare her for sure! Just like Pragya in the past, now her daughter Kiara falls in trouble because of Alia and Tanu!

King Is Disturbed With Kiara & Abhi’s Special Connection

On the other hand, King looks disturbed with Kiara and Abhi's special connection. Apparently, he gets suspicious if they know each other from before! He also gets a whiff of Abhi, Pragya and Kiara's relationship.

Will Pragya Be Able To Save Kiara?

Will Abhi (at least now) get to know Kiara is his and Pragya's daughter? How will Abhi, Pragya and King save Kiara from Alia and Tanu? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show.

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