Travel And Lifestyle Influencer Karishma Rawat Shares Her Tips For Aspiring Content Creators


    The demand for influencers is at its peak. And therefore, a cosmic number of people are attracted to it like nails to magnets. But in this ocean-like world of content creators, how will you shine out? Well, don't worry as the leading fashion and travel influencer, Karishma Rawat, has got your back!

    With over 11 years of experience in the fields of blogging and content creation, she has now come to the vanguard to guide other budding creators and influencers. Here are a few points shared by Karishma Rawat...


    1. Find your niche

    "Niche down so you can bring the best to the board. Choose what you like doing and what you can help people with! Narrowing it down to one niche might boost your ideation process and thus help you create quality content, and will definitely accelerate your growth." says Karishma Rawat. True, isn't it? Furthermore, you will find an audience for every niche, may it be fashion, travel, or astrology.

    2. Keep on learning new skills to become a trendsetter

    Karishma Rawat says "Content creators have to keep on learning, adapting and experimenting in order to bring their messages to the audience in the most impactful manner. It is never possible to predict what the next phase of content creation will be like, and thus it is important to keep on learning new skills at every step to be the master of your craft."

    It is true that if you want your content to create buzz, then you need to stay relevant to current trends. "Being a trend follower is okay, but imagine how amazing it would be if you were the one starting them. So be the trendsetter and be the first to pass on the latest news to your audience." says Karishma Rawat.

    We hope you are making notes!

    3. Maintain Consistency

    Consistency is the key to success. We know you have already heard this saying a million times, but here's why Karishma Rawat swears by this. She says, "Would you follow someone who posts content once in a blue moon? I don't think so, and this is why finding consistency in your feed and scheduling your posts is necessary. A schedule will help you persevere with patience and passion even through times you don't feel motivated."

    4. Engage With Your Audience

    "There's a reason why the comment section, DMs, and tools like Ask a Question are given. Use these tools to reach your followers and interact with them! Communication can help you establish a genuine bond and gain loyal followers." says Karishma Rawat.

    We hope that these points might help you to emerge as a thriving content creator. Karishma Rawat is a pioneer in the field of blogging in India. From the days of writing blog posts, to the days of aesthetic OOTDs and now creating videos online, her content is loved by thousands and viewed by millions. Karishma Rawat was the winner of India's first web show for bloggers "Beauty And The Blogger", has walked for Lakmé Fashion Week for Samant Chauhan and was also among the six illustrious panellists at India's first Pinterest Creators Day.

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