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Domestic B.O : Plain average!

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By: Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM
Thursday, June 07, 2007
A big film carries the baggage of big expectations...

Fool N Final is a Firoz A. Nadiadwala creation, well known for not just producing big-budget extravaganzas, but also giving the films a befitting release. Fool N Final stars a galaxy of stars and most importantly, the well-shot promos sent out right signals to its target audience.

Its opening lived up to the expectations at some places, but was not as expected in some circuits. Now that did come as a surprise, since the general feeling in the industry was that the opening would be excellent [85%-90%] everywhere. Also, another surprising aspect was that the multiplexes opened better than single screens, although its producers and distributors were expecting it to be vice-versa.

The response varied from circuit to circuit. Mumbai was the best, but the other circuits weren't as powerful. Saturday saw a downward trend, while Sunday was better. Monday saw the normal decline, while Tuesday and Wednesday saw further decline.

As things stand today, Fool N Final will cover its costs in some circuits, but is not as expected in certain circuits.

Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End only cements Hollywood films' dominance in India. Last year, Casino Royale, this year Spider-Man 3 and now Pirates only goes to prove that Hollywood films have penetrated in the Indian territories.

Pirates plundered a mammoth Rs. 8.3 Cr navigating across 341 screens [318 prints], creating a new milestone for the franchise in India. According to a statement received by Sony Pictures Releasing India, the film sailed to the third highest reception ever accorded to a foreign film in India, behind Spider-Man 3 [Rs. 19.2 Cr] and James Bond's Casino Royale [Rs. 14.9 Cr] and ahead of Spider-Man [Rs 7.8 Cr]. Great!

[Weekend: June 2-4, 2006]

There was a lull before the storm [Ankahee, Aparichit, Aatma]. Then Fanaa hit like a typhoon and stormed the box-office. A week later, we're still reeling under the Fanaa spell. That's one of the prime reasons why the two new releases, Love Ke Chakkar Mein and Sacred Evil, were completely ignored by moviegoers.

Love Ke Chakkar Mein and Sacred Evil lacked star presence to arouse any kind of initial curiosity. At least Sacred Evil had a hatke theme as its USP, but Love Ke Chakkar Mein had nothing to rave or rant about. It came across as a desperate attempt to tickle your funny bone, nothing else. However, both the films met with a similar fate at the ticket window: Disaster.


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