Bhediya and Drishyam 2 bring in over 65 crores over the weekend as audiences return to theatres in a big way

    Bhediya & Drishyam 2 Fetch Good Numbers During Weekend

    Last week. Drishyam 2 had done excellent business at the box office and brought in 64.14 crores over the weekend. That had resulted in exhibitors been rejoiced since it was only two months after Brahmastra that floodgates had opened at the box office. Later, the film continued to do quite well right through the first week, hence resulting in 104.66 crores been collected.

    Well, it's going to be a repeat of the last week as now Bhediya has joined the party as well. Of course, it's Drishyam 2 which is leading the show in the second week as well. However, Bhediya is collecting as well, and as a result, there are indications that this would be yet another week for Bollywood when a century would have been scored.

    Of course, it's the coming together of two films which is doing that but then considering the fact that there have been so many miserable weeks and months when not even 25 crores have come in a single week and that too between two or even three films, here at least four times that is coming in between two films, something that's keeping the footfalls coming, seats filled and theatres engaged.

    This can well be seen from the fact that the opening weekend of Bhediya currently stands at 28 crores*. The start was just about okay at 7.48 crores for the Varun Dhawan led film but then what mattered was whether growth would come on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully, that happened indeed with a good jump seen on Saturday and then Sunday seeing a further increase in numbers. The creature comedy is finding audiences amongst the youth and kids, and hopefully they would continue to patronize it in days to come as well to result in a healthy score.

    Yes, there was an impact felt by the film due to the prevailing Drishyam 2 wave. Had the Ajay Devgn starrer not been in contention, Bhediya would have seen an even better run and a 40 crores weekend was easily coming by. In fact given the kind of buzz and hype around the film, an even bigger number was on the cards as well till the time Drishyam 2 happened. However, the impact of that film was so high that Bhediya ended up losing around 10 crores at least. That said, it's to the credit of the content here that it picked itself up, fought back, and how!

    On the other hand, Drishyam 2 is continuing to collect like a champion. After scoring a big century in the first week itself, the Ajay Devgn starrer didn't let the guard down and kept the momentum going. Yet again, there were no major declarations or over the top statements been made. It was the audience word of mouth that was continuing to do the trick and that first resulted in the second Friday been super consistent at 7.87 crores and then major jumps been evidenced on Saturday and Sunday, both of which had big double digit scores coming in.

    As a result, over 35 crores have come in for the film even in the second weekend, which is simply superb because a fall of 50% from first weekend to the second is considered good even without competition and here it had to contend with Bhediya too. Still, there is continued interest amongst the patrons to catch the film and as a result more and more neutral audiences are now warming up to the film. Currently standing at 143.50 crores*, Drishyam 2 will go past the 150 crores mark in a jiffy and then it would take on the next milestone of 175 crores.

    With that happening, over 65 crores have come in this weekend between Bhediya and Drishyam 2. The excitement is there amongst the audiences to catch a film in theatres and with that happening from one weekend to the next as well, rest assured the trend would remain the same right till the end of this week as well, hence resulting in a 100 crores haul overall.

    *Estimates. Final numbers awaited

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