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"Sometimes I feel I don't deserve what God has given me" - Akshay Kumar

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    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Akshay Kumar recently won the hearts of many more fans when he gave an interview on BBC Asian Network. The reason being that the interview was given in fluent Punjabi! Which won the actor some more brownie points! Excerpts from the Punjabi interview translated in English...

    Today, we will talk in Punjabi. When two Punjabis meet, there is no need for English!
    No need for angrezi! And angreziyan!

    What if your computer was in Punjabi? How would you say "send email" in Punjabi?
    Send would be sutto. Download would be thalli lao! And delete would be mitti pao! (laughs)

    Today we are specifically talking to you about your latest film Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. What is your character like? 

    I play a mechanical engineer. Actually the film is based on the story of a real life couple. When my director Raj Kanwar heard the story, he was so touched that he decided to make the film. Even I thought it was a slice of life. So I said lets work on it. Obviously, we have added more stuff to the film so that it suits the format of a commercial Hindi film. It's not a very long film, but it says a lot. The climax stands out. I don't want to talk too much about it. But the character takes such a bold step that no one has ever taken in Hindi films. I don't know how the audience will receive it. But I do know that the biggest thing is love! No one is bigger than love! The actual couple on whom the film is based stays in Toronto. They thought they had lost each other. But they found each other because their love was stronger than anything else, be it culture or ceremonies. I don't know how people will react. This couple is married since the last 32 years.

    Generally stars like Shah Rukh Khan are associated with the image of a romantic hero. What do you have to say about your romantic image?
    There is no doubt that Shah Rukh is the biggest romantic hero. I was amazed when he said that he can even romance a tree! I don't know about trees! I just know I can romance my audience!

    Was it tough to play a romantic hero?
    Not really. Now I will try doing romantic roles more and more! This year Jaaneman too will release, which again is a romantic film. I'm also doing Vipul Shah's next film. (Namaste London)

    You are shooting for Vipul's film in London...
    That's right.

    Listen to this... I want to ask my audience something. Which title is better? Dil Hai Punjabi or Namaste London?

    I'm sure since you are talking in Punjabi today, the audience will like Dil Hai Punjabi
    You don't like Namaste London?

    It's nice. But Salaam Namaste released recently.
    We don't have anything to do with that name! It's not like we're copying that!

    Ok. So we're asking all our listeners which title they like better. Dil Hai Punjabi or Salaam Namaste. I mean Namaste London!
    I think you should write it down! You know I just thought of something funny that happened recently. I had gone to my son's school. They were taking the parent's interview as well. So the teacher asked me to make a sentence in which one word is repeated four times. I thought and then told her. "If Lara Dutta marries Brian Lara, her name will be Lara Lara!" She laughed and laughed! If you use one word four times in one sentence, this is what will happen!

    Today we are seeing a very different side to you. Many people think that you are a very serious guy who does not laugh too much. Aapne Punjabiyon ki laaj rakh li!
    It's not just about Punjabis. It's about our Indian culture! Today I have decided that I am even going to sing Gujarati songs on my stage show, which will happen soon! My wife is a Gujarati. I have been practicing the language! Through these performances, I want to show the world how diverse our culture is! In those two and a half hours on stage, I want to give them a taste of Indian culture. I will even sing a Pakistani song on my show! I have one request from the audience who come to watch. That is they should put their hands up and sing along with me! I want their support! I'm sure it will be fun! The people who are performing just need the love of the audience.

    Akshay, thank you so much for being on this show. We know how valuable your time is. On a parting note, what message do you have for your audience?
    I always say this. Take care of your parents. There is no bigger temple than your parents. I credit my parents for my success. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve what God has given me. You will never face any problem if you love your parents.

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