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    Amrish Puri's last time on-screen

    By Super Admin

    New Delhi (UNI): More than a year after his death, the famous baritone of the late Bollywood actor Amirish Puri will come alive on the Silver screen again as the veteran actor's last film Kachchi Sadak hits cinema screens all over the world on Friday. Directed by Sanjay Singh, an erstwhile assistant to filmmaker J P Dutta, Kachchi Sadak, shot against the backdrop of an 18th century fort in Jodhpur, was the late Amrish Puri's last acting assignment before he passed away in January last year. Starring theatre actor Rahul Singh and former Miss India Asia Pacific Parmeeta Katkar in lead roles, Kachchi Sadak, a film in the action/drama genre which traces the protagonist Randhir's "emotional roller coaster" ride on the rough streets of life, has Amrish Puri in the role of a strict jailor who thinks that prisoners are 'recyclable garbage'.

    ''The role played by the veteran actor is integral to the film as the protagonist Randhir's stint in Jodhpur central jail is one of the turning points of the film. In the film, Amrish Puri fights crime both inside and outside the jail,''director Sanjay Singh said. ''Infact, when I narrated the script to Amrish Puri, he found his role in it very interesting and despite his falling health and the fact that the film involved a grueling shooting schedule in Rajasthan, he agreed to do it'' Sanjay told UNI during a press conference in the capital last night to promote the film. ''The film has Amrish Puri play the role of a jailor for the first time,''Sanjay said.

    Reminiscing about his experiences of working with the veteran actor, the filmmaker said, ''Amrishji's sincerity and commitment as an actor was exemplary. Despite the grueling outdoor schedule in Jodhpur jail, the actor, in spite of his poor health and his being allergic to dust, displayed his trademark gusto and energy while essaying the character of the disciplinarian jailor.'' The film's leading actress, the former Miss India Asia Pacific, seemed to be in awe of the late actor. ''I do not have any scene with the actor in the film and in this sense I did not get an opportunity to be in the same frame as him. However, watching him act was an experience in itself. It was amazing to see Amrishji, despite his poor health, put in so much of energy and life into his role, something which could well serves as lesson for newcomers like me in commitment to the acting profession,'' Parmeeta said.

    The film, that seeks to portray the intrigues of the liquor trade (thekedari) and urban India's socio-political scenario, also features model-turned actor Rahul Dev, Madhoo, Mukesh Tiwari, Aman Verma among others. With its starkly realistic theme and backdrop of the traditional belt of Rajasthan, the film seems to have the flavour of J P Dutta's films like Ghulami and Hathyar, which had loads of entertainment but sans any elements of glamour or the so-called Bollywood masala. Infact, Sanjay Singh admits this when he says that Kachchi Sadak is a pure entertainer having all the elements to entertain the audiences -- comedy, emotions, drama and action. However, there is no so-called masala in the film. Also, the film does not have an overdose of any element which are there in the movie only to the necessary level.

    ''The film does not have element of glamour. Infact, it a film that does not require any glamour as it has an engaging story which is enough to keep audiences glued to though it is nearly of two hours duration'' said Parmeeta Katkar, who had a couple of years ago come into limelight with her item song in Madhur Bhandarkar's Page 3. Says Rahul Singh, the film's protagonist who has also written the script, ''Cinema's first and foremost purpose is to provide entertainment. If in addition, a message also comes across in the film, it is an icing on the cake,''Rahul said. The film was shot in an extravagant shooting schedule in Jodhpur. ''Shooting the film in an extensive shooting schedule, that too in Urban areas, was a huge challenge as shooting those areas poses its own problems. This led to delays in the film's making,''Sanjay said.

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