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Arjun Rampal chats with his fans...

By Staff
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    mrindia : I am from joBerg, the next time you are shooting here, do let your fans on IndiaFM know. We would love to be on the sers
    Arjun Rampal : i love south africa and promote it hugely. looking forward to coming there soon. might be there with a show in the near future

    Mekhalaa : what are your fave kinds of roles?
    Arjun Rampal : my fav role has not been written yet

    satish : hello arjun rampal, how much do u work out?
    Arjun Rampal : satish- 3 times a week 1 half hours

    Arjun Rampal : i see u, airport and a film with rituparno ghosh which hasnt been titled yet

    DM : Hey AR. do u meet ur fans in person?? i wanna meet u when i come to india
    Arjun Rampal : like v r meeting now

    ash : Happy Birthday 2 u!!well in advance.
    Arjun Rampal : thanku ash

    MainHoonDon : What is more impt. in bodybuilding? working out or diet? how much time does one need to dedicate to working out? what all do you do?
    Arjun Rampal : im writing a health magazine soon plz buy it

    cooldude : with which heroine r u comfortable in working with?
    Arjun Rampal : the one who takes least amount time in doing make up

    chinmoy : After KANK Karan must give u something substantial
    Arjun Rampal : i did kank for karan he is a dear friend
    Arjun Rampal : now email karan and tell him the same

    amushu : So what do you do in your sparetime?
    Arjun Rampal : i like to hang out with my family

    VEER : What is Honeymoon Travels all about??? Veer
    Arjun Rampal : how do u know about honeymoon travels? im there in a special app

    simba : arjun!! your acting in Don is fabulous. What do you think Pran is the best or Arjun?
    Arjun Rampal : pran saab was superb in the 70's, and hopefully im good for the 21st

    laxmanpal : do u think u have improved as an actor
    Arjun Rampal : v have to prove ourselves everyday. v r as good as our last film

    Mekhalaa : if there was a contest for sexiest voice in the world youd win it :D
    Arjun Rampal : lets run that contest mekhalaa ?

    Kaju Chikna : jasjit bhaiyya kaisan ho???
    Arjun Rampal : badiya hoon... khush hoon aur langdata nahin hoon

    afghan girl : hi arjun ur afghan fan here
    Arjun Rampal : big kiss

    Bharat : Hi arjun, i'm from chennai. do you have any schedules in chennai. i'd love to see you here.
    Arjun Rampal : no schedules bharat

    laxmanpal : do u plan to improve ur acting skills?
    Arjun Rampal : i have to keep improving

    neil : will u ever direct a film?
    Arjun Rampal : not as of now... but then never say never

    rag's : hi arjun,who is the heroin of "i see u"
    Arjun Rampal : she is a new girl, her name is vipasha

    Gazza : arjun i loved your WORK in Vaada after that movie i become ur FAN please do more movies like that
    Arjun Rampal : ill definitely try gazaa

    cooldude : r u veg or non-veg?
    Arjun Rampal : non veg

    john handsome : arjun what is ur sex apeal?
    Arjun Rampal : u tell me john

    Akki : namaskar arjun
    Arjun Rampal : namaskar akki

    dj pax london : my gf iz crazy abt u
    Arjun Rampal : thanks for being so honest a big hug and god bless both of u

    Sanju : arjun are you a punjabi?
    Arjun Rampal : yes im punjabi... thvade ki halchaal

    lia : which actress do u think is beautiful?
    Arjun Rampal : i havent stopped to look yet

    akshay19 : arjun tell me u have any gf in ur college life
    plsplsplsplsplsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tell ha
    Arjun Rampal : dont get personal

    Arjun Rampal : both are hot

    dushu : Hey arjun i like u r dimple when u give smile its really looking great yar.................
    Arjun Rampal : thanks ill try to smile more often

    modelwannabe : arjun do u have a fanemail?
    Arjun Rampal : no i dont have one rt now
    Arjun Rampal : but i will have one soon

    zainab : arjun what is your favorite modling acting or making
    Arjun Rampal : acting is what i enjoy doing the most

    rag's : r u in 'cash' of anubhav sinha's ?
    Arjun Rampal : im not doing cash

    Arjun Rampal : london, cape town, NY, and mehboob studios (close to my house :-)

    Arjun Rampal : familywala will hopefully be out by next year

    azfar hussain : r u spirtiual or religious
    Arjun Rampal : spiritual

    Sneha : I loved you in Yakeen. It is such a shame that the film didnt as well as it deserved. Ur performance was mind blowing and the concept was very different from the typical Bollywood film. Good job done.
    Arjun Rampal : thanku

    Arjun Rampal : the truth is v all will, so enjoy every moment of life

    Jess : Arjun you have the sexist eyes ever!!!!!!!!!!
    Arjun Rampal : thanku jess
    Arjun Rampal : all the better to c u jess

    Arjun Sitaphal : hey Arjun, do u like my name?
    Arjun Rampal : sound like a fruit

    argun rambaal : my friend reshma loves you too much, please say hi to her right here,she'd be thrilled
    Arjun Rampal : hi reshma...

    inds : hi there... just wanna wish ya loads of luck... pls put in ur best in each shot n it shudnt take u long 2 giv d others a run 4 their money
    Arjun Rampal : thanku very much. i could do with a lot of money

    Arjun Rampal : oops maheshm lets not go there

    chinmoy : Do u regret being part of rang de (Plz answer)
    Arjun Rampal : not really chinmay, its no pt doing a film which ur not gonna be happy in

    amushu : What kind of food do ye like?
    Arjun Rampal : all kinds of food
    Arjun Rampal : im a complete foodie... yum

    Mekhalaa : I loved humk tumse pyara he very sweet and innocent movie:)
    Arjun Rampal : thanks mekhlaa

    Arjun_Fan : Hi Arjun i heard u r getting a third body tattoo?
    Arjun Rampal : i havent thought about a third tattoo yet

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