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Arjun Rampal chats with his fans...

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modelwannabe : where in bombay do u live?
Arjun Rampal : i live in bandra...

Simran : Dear Arjun you've improved so much lately. Ik believe dat you can become a bigger star than you're already now. Good luck with it. May god be with u and your family forever. namaste
Arjun Rampal : thanku so much simran

Kaju Chikna : hey do u have website?
Arjun Rampal : ill have one soon kaju... u can hear about it on indiafm

sanam : do you like reading
Arjun Rampal : yes i like reading

Jess : are you going to do tempations again
Arjun Rampal : i think temptations is done vll do a new show

lokesh : u should make a fan site of ur own
Arjun Rampal : i definitely wud love to after talking to all of u

Arjun Rampal : still trying :-)

ash : what was acting with sushmita like?what kind of person is she.....askin cos i m a big fan of hers 2? If u dont mind pls answer!!!!
Arjun Rampal : u shud remain a big fan of hers she is a wonderful person

lokesh : are you doing a movie called Darbar?
Arjun Rampal : no Darbar

cal : how was the petronas towers experience?
Arjun Rampal : very giddy

zainab : whats is your favorite car
Arjun Rampal : a masserati quaratorpe

modelwannabe : Iv heard that ur wife is running a model agency. is it true? can I visit her becoming a model?
Arjun Rampal : no she doesnt run a model agency

Jay : Arjun, I See You seems like a good movie..can you tells us more?
Arjun Rampal : u can log onto indiafm and come to know more about it

janu : i think u even rox
Arjun Rampal : thanku thanku

cooldude : u and rajiv rai r made 4 each other.r u working with him again?
Arjun Rampal : yes i would love to work with Rajiv. hes a great guy

HaNNa : I like your acting in Dil Ka Rishta..
Arjun Rampal : thanku very much

hitman : Whats ur favorite sport arjun
Arjun Rampal : cricket, tennis and F1

bhavin : telmm what do you feel after don?imp turn in your carrer?
Arjun Rampal : ya its feels great to have a superhit under ur belt

Arjun Rampal : i have to think for a good script for her

modelwannabe : which city in punjab are u from?
Arjun Rampal : a zilla near jalandar

abbish : hye arjun do u hv an account at orkut or community
Arjun Rampal : no i havent but i heard so much about this... and there is an imposter there. but thanku for all ur love and support

YASER : how can v believe that u r arjun rampal?
Arjun Rampal : u have to yaser.... no choice

KIRAN : you were rocking in temptations, do you like working more with SRK?
Arjun Rampal : SRK is a great guy and wonderful to work with him

Sanju : dude any advice for newcomers
Arjun Rampal : there is no substitute for hard work

zainab : arjun u like cooking or not
Arjun Rampal : i like eating more than cooking
srk lover : where are y sitting now
Arjun Rampal : on the floor in my living room next to my coffee table

partha : ARJUN which is your fav colour?
Arjun Rampal : black, blue, white

sarit : who kept your name as arjun
Arjun Rampal : my mom named me arjun

shreyu : hi arjun when is I SEE YOU slated for release
Arjun Rampal : jan 1st week

Jess : Whats the worst part of being famous
Arjun Rampal : there is nothing so bad about it
chinmoy : Plz tell more about AIRPORT
Arjun Rampal : cant talk too much about airport sorry

YASER : Arjun when u did lifestyle show i was in london i was dying 2 see u but i couldn't...
Arjun Rampal : well i hope u c me soon yaser, and im SORRY v cudnt meet

hitman : who was funner to work with amitabh or mithun
Arjun Rampal : mr bachchan is my favourite

Ismail : what do u want to achieve as an actor?
Arjun Rampal : i want to raise the bar and hopefully all our films r watched all over the world

duggu : I have a feeling u believe in Sai Baba
Arjun Rampal : ur feeling is true duggu
Raz : Hey ARJUN is it true Kim Sharma is ur cusin, if yess how close of a cusin?
Arjun Rampal : yes she is my cousin

biss : arjun which supplement do u take for ur great body
Arjun Rampal : i dont believe in supplements and plz stay away from them

naaz : arjun ji aap koi telugu movies mein kaam karnae waalae hain kya
Arjun Rampal : nahii ji main baasha nahi jaanta

Arjun Rampal : i like all my films
Jess : Whats ur favourite movie that u've done

irrum : do u fantasize abt any1?
Arjun Rampal : even if i do im not letting u irrum ;-)

Arjun Rampal : im a B.A. pass in economics honors

ambar : arjun make more films with amisha patel u look so cute together
Arjun Rampal : definitely ambar
hammy : by the way for wat its worth i liked in dewanpaan
Arjun Rampal : thanku hammy and its worth a lot

hitman : who did u learn more from amitabh or mithun
Arjun Rampal : both r great actors, u can always learn from both of them

zainab : teel me your favorite singer
Arjun Rampal : jim morrison from the doors

amushu : whats the best thing of being an actor?
Arjun Rampal : u can choose to be whoever u want to be

amushu : what kind of music and books to ye like?
Arjun Rampal : i like mostly autobiographies or really good fiction like da vinci code or a really informative book like know it all. my fav book is godfather

Jess : On Koffee with Karan u said u have trouble remembering ur dialogues, is it true?
Arjun Rampal : did i?

Mohammed : ARjun u looked fabulous in Don and Ek Ajnabee, i personally think u look very very handsome with long hair and u were great in the song " Mummy told me"
Arjun Rampal : thanku so much even my wife likes me with long hair


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